The end of haitus!

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The end of haitus!

Postby KeyMonkey on Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:53 pm

I'm baaack!

I also have a new buffer that runs all the way to July. I'm so wrong, but oh so right.

I've been deeply concerned that while ttskr is progressing, that Levi's hopscotch seems to be laying extremely low, without an update for months on end. A sad state of affairs.

Here's looking to an amazingly ascii/htmlified 2007!
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|Passing on a message, you are loved.   |
|        \         Yeah?  from who?     |
|         \               \             |
|          o-o             -.-          |
|Everyone, and I have         \         |
|to kiss you.           Nooooooooo!     |

Catch me if you can ;)
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