1 Year! A reflection on the text/html webcomic, TTSKR

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1 Year! A reflection on the text/html webcomic, TTSKR

Postby KeyMonkey on Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:40 pm

I was going to do a webcomic with Levi of hopscotch fame, which was going to be called ttskr, some of the main characters were drawn and their statistics (for example, o-o (BB which is short of Black-Box) has always had an 'alien-evil' quality).

Levi started hopscotch, which by far out-shines my webcomic and I do not begrudge losing such a consumate artist for my own project.

There are a few ascii-based webcomics on the Internet at the moment, Dudley's Dungeon (http://www.nicolaas.net/dudley/) is one of my favourites which includes nethack humor and Nerd Boy (http://www.nerd-boy.net/index.php). The market could possibly accommodate another ascii/html webcomic.

TTSKR was originally hosted on a free shell account using PHP scripts which I wrote for the purpose and updated weekly - as time passed it became very obvious that 1. my webcomic was only being seen by myself and 2. the free shell account provider would periodically drop the server -- so I applied to have my webcomic hosted with comicgenesis. The ability to update my webcomic easily and not have to worry about my own PHP scripts have made being with comicgenesis a joy, and the exploration to suit my somewhat unique webcomic style has been challenging and enjoyable.

This week marks the 1st anniversary of TTSKR, I would like to thank all of those helpful people who have made TTSKR a continued success.

Thank you.
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