Origins of Polithia

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Origins of Polithia

Postby Rosediamond on Thu Jun 29, 2006 10:49 am

Polithia started in seventh grade. I had to write a fiction paper (basically a short story) in science class about gravity or some crap . . . (I'm not a science person, can you tell?) That's when I came up with the concept of warriors fighting to protect a planet. So, their first adventure was fighting a weird scientist dude.

From there, I began to work on the character designs and concepts, mapping out their looks, relationships, and personalities. Then, I began to work on the story.

I had the first book finished by the time I was in high school, but it was juvenile at best. The characters had developed as I had liked, but they weren't really distinguishable, and the writing was CRAP! But I had written it in middle school, so that's to be expected. So, throughout middle school, I filled in more about the characters, even the ones with the tiny bit parts, to make them more real, more like themselves. I worked on developing the world of Polithia, the belief systems, the pirpose of the warriors, until a couple of years ago when I hit the point where no more could fit in.

So . . . I decided to start drawing it out.

It's strange when I think about how far the characters have come . . . But I suppose it's not so far-fetched. As we grow, our ability to tell a story grows into something that can be believed and felt, and I hope that I can reach others with this story.
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