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Hellbënders hiatus

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2006 9:00 pm
by Hellbenders
We had a special project dropped on us real suddenly. December was supposed to be a month where we had most of the month without any work whatsoever. Instead, it's turned into a nightmare where we're counting two stores a day seven days a week all the way up until the January rush begins.

I was hoping to get a little rest in the downtime, and get a few pages drawn to tide the comic over until the January rush was over. Instead, I have to spend what few free hours I have trying to get by the best I can.

There is no way that I can pretend to have a weekly webcomic at this point.

I may be able to squeeze a page out here and there, but I cannot consider that a priority for the time being. I'm very sorry about that.

My work needs me, and I need the money.

Be back soon.