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For discussion of the comic, its characters, story, art, suggestions, feedback, etc.
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Comments, Critique and Thoughts

Post by Megaskunjii »

Feedback is so important and so rarely given, so I thought I'd create a thread specifically for that purpose.

Book Two
I found that the text was much easier to read this time around. The experience of the first book is showing in the second. The line work has improved and the characters have better expressions. All the more pity that the comic isn't inked. Ahem. Cough cough. Ahem.

- Artwork has improved. Not that it was ever bad to begin with, but it's just a matter of going from good to polished.
- Text work has improved. It's much easier to read, better spaced.
- OK, I'm harping on this but would really improve things: Inking. The comic is done in pencil and that gives it a rough look, especially when areas need to be filled in. Filters help, but they only go so far.

My input is limited here because I don't generally follow "real life" comics. However, I'd like to comment a bit on the religious aspect. It's always risky business including religion or politics in a comic because they're primarily emotional issues -- and as such, people don't respond logically.

I'm certainly not discouraging you from writing about it. I'm just warning you that it will put off some people, depending on how fanatical they are about their own personal beliefs.

I do find Crystal's reaction to someone else's faith (in the last few pages) to be interesting. I have a friend who is similarly dispositioned to react the same way to people who express their faith. Yes, he lost his at a fairly young age. Makes me wonder why people who lose their faith have this hostility towards others who have retained theirs? Guilt? Pride? Hmmm..
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Post by Decomics »

Thanks very much for the input! I appreciate it.

Yes, religion is a risky topic but we knew that from the beginning. But this is a slice of life comic with a religious theme.

Thank you for the kind words about the improved lettering. We're taking a different -- and hopefully even better approach to lettering in Book Three.

I really wish I had time and patience to ink. Or had an inker. I just don't, so we do what we can. :D

I think Crystal's reaction is a common one. Some people are very resentful after they have a bad experience. As you could see on the last page, Crystal's experience has yet to be fully revealed.

Thanks again for the critique!

Best Wishes,
Allen S.
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