UPDATE 9/22/08

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UPDATE 9/22/08

Postby Miruku on Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:24 pm

I imagine you're asking why some old pages have reupdated in the middle of the present storyline.

It's probably the fact that I have, on occasion, misdated pages (without realizing it at the time), in combination with the fact that I STILL can't use my PC, and thus STILL can't use FTP to delete these extra pages. My living situation right now is such that half of my stuff is packed and in the garage.

What I would like to do, actually, is take down this site and forward everyone to the site that actually works, is pretty, and is on the most recent update.
This new site being: http://emma.rampagenetwork.com/

Once I manage to find a way to edit the site html I will forward you guys from the front page (I know a lot of people won't bother to read the forum...).

I'm just really sick of the fact that this site will not update the new pages when I put them in hours before, but somehow it's still got these old pages that I misdated showing up, and it's a huge ordeal (for me, anyway) to make any changes to the site, when I actually have the ability to do so.

Updates are actually on a schedule now, btw (you may not have been able to tell with the madness). Weekly on Mondays plus occasionally a second day a week if I have time. I know that's nothing compared to what I used to do, but I'm in grad school and spend between 8 and 13 hours at school every day, plus at least an hour and a half travel time each day. I'm actually pretty excited about the one update a week, since its been so long since I've had a schedule.

So BOO things not working properly, YAY updates and new site.

I'll keep doing one update behind updates here until I can actually put a link to the new site up on the front page.

And thanks for reading. Especially if you've stuck with it through the sporadic updates and whatnot. ESPECIALLY if you never bugged me about it. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. It's been a very full and very hectic year/year and a half, and I quite simply did not have the ability to focus on Emma like I had been. So thank you for understanding :)
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