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Postby Zender on Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:23 am

Hi everyone, Miruku in particular.

Just discovered your webcomic, and started from the start.. up to about 146 now, and couldn't wait any longer to say that I love your comic! I can see the drawing has really improved, I wish I could be so good with Photoshop :(

Keep up the awesome work, I willlll be back. Straight after I finish reading the comic, thus far. (Hope its not tooo long, it's already late :) )

EDIT: (11:36pm Christmas Eve)
I just hit 166, and I have to say I really enjoy this one. Probably one of my favorites so far. Technically brilliant, and I like the artistic concepts as well!

EDIT: (11:47pm Christmas Eve)
191; I love this one as well. (Not because she's crying hehe) Artwork is awesome. I did consider commenting each comic I really really liked, but thought it best to just put them all here..

EDIT: (11:54pm Christmas Eve)
203; This one made me laugh. I really like the detail, espec in the over all panel.. or the last panel? Not sure what you'd call it.

EDIT: (12:03am Christmas Day)
:( I just got to the end, and it was posted in October.. I really hope you'll continue with Emma soon, and not concentrate on Lamorinda too much..

These times where local Australian, so they'll look even sillier to Americans me thinks. Have a good one all,
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