Welcome to the No Pink Ponies forum (Read first)

Just a little forum to discuss the comic and/or comics in general whether they be offline or online.

Welcome to the No Pink Ponies forum (Read first)

Postby Eisu on Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:58 pm

I'm just gonna put a little ground rules thingie.

Do not spam the board. Basically, I will let some pointless discussion go by if it IS a discussion, but this board is still mainly for No Pink Ponies so try to keep pointless discussion to a minimum.

Do not instigate or support a flamewar. Please don't start one and please if one is started, don't fan the flames. If someone came in and go all stupid looking for a fight, ignore it. I'll lock and delete and will have to contact a Comic Genesis moderator.

Post your fanart here. If by a stroke of luck I get some fans who draws fanarts of No Pink Ponies, post em here, but be prepared for comments and/or criticism over it (maybe not by me, but by other posters of the forum as well). If you don't want C&C, please state it clearly in your post. I think the forum can do attachments, but try to use common sense and not attach a huge 300KB-5MB files.

Questions to ask me? Ask em here if you want the question to be public.

Comissions request. Sorry, I don't do comissions.

I think that's about it... enjoy the forum!
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