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Postby Ti-Phil on Thu Nov 02, 2006 6:34 pm

Yep, I'm trying to be in this years nanowrito (I don't know how I'll do it but I'll try). I'll post whatever I somehow write here... enjoy!

Dòr-Ithil : The eight mage


In a Sol type star system somewhere in the western part of the milky way, lies two worlds sharing the same orbits. Most travellers and scientist debate that such a system is an aberation since there is no natural ways for such a thing to happen without one of the two celestial bodies to crash into eachothers... And yet it exist.

The first planet is called Valen, the dead world.

It used to be filled with life until demons came and ravaged the land. Ships fled this world by hundreds, carrying whatever was left of their civilisations with them and leaving the unfortunates who couldn't reach the ships to their fates. The lords of these demons, Denerg, did not want anyone to flee his new domain. He used the Valenian ships mixed with his kind ancestral magic to pursue them with not only his flagship the Mundburg, but also with one of the moons of Valen upon which his countless troops would sleep until they reached whatever haven the survivors would have found.

Back then only one world was in orbit...
Denerg was about to fall onto three of the few surviving ships and all hope seemed lost...
But someone or something didn't want the story to ends to quickly.
A deal was made and a new world was born...

Dòr-Ithil, the unreachable world.
A world that no ships can reach except for those with survivors from Valen.
A world where mortals and demons were given divine powers under severes regulations.
A world in which time and space seems to play tricks.
This is one of it's stories.
The Volet

What, free publicity never harmed anyone..right?

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Uh.......nano-what? :P
Another Knothole freedom fighter.........
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Postby Ti-Phil on Thu Nov 09, 2006 8:31 pm

Chapter 1 : The elf and the dwarf

"Oh oh oh oh... I'm going to get ya! Soon! Reaaaaal soon I'm going to get ya kiddo!"

"Grrr.. can it follows me... this..thing.. is not natural! I need to find a place to hide it..."


Somewhere in the eastern ocean lies a land called Elvenkin. It is said to be a land of great beauty and a haven for all the creatures who has a link with magics. This land is the last refuge of the fairies, dryads, centaurs, griffins and, of course, elves. It is a refuge from humans who are said to be forbidden to ever set foot upon the green hills and within its dark forests.
The capital of this land is Tonol, a city ruled by the Elfken families since the time of the awakening. In this city is the elemental magic school where the great mage, Alcidius, is giving classes to all those who can pass the tests (some of which involves elemental affinity to creatures from other planes and times). One of those student is Cara Felin, a young elven sorceress who is about to finish her end of term project. But before continuing, let's familiarise ourself with this woman.

If you would cross her path you wouldn't really notice her. Her features is similar to those of her kin. Pointed ears, smaller than human size, rather petite in proportion. She does not have the bright colour togas the priest of Roover or Ricderc wears, no, she has the dark toga, which means she is student in the arcanes and unlike her sister Marie, her attire is not made to lure the eyes of men and women upon her, but rather the opposite. The heavy toga covers everything except for the hands and the head, few would believe that Cara is a woman if it wasn't for her facial features when she removes the overly huge witch hat she wears all the time (a family trademark). Now that most of you have a mental image of our protagonist, let's return to the story.

It was the last day of the month Améa (which would be our may) and it was the day where those who studies at Alcidius' school must present their research and projects which could, if one spent a lot of time and effort on it, allow one to go to the superior classes where elites and legends are born.
Cara's project would surely allow her to reach this level...or so she thought. Cara had a few friends at school, but she also had a rival. Marek. A dwarf from the Ithilain mountain which rise to the east of Tonol. It is rare that a dwarf decides to study to become a mage, it is even rare when this dwarf is one of the best student the school had in the last two centuries. Some say it is a bad omen, others that time is changing. Marek and Cara had started as friends, but rivalry over the grades and the spells began to arose between both until this very day, when Marek decided to use...alternate means of winning.

He snuck within the female dormatory using both the spell unlock and silent steps, usually those spells are forbidden except for those who are part of Elvenkin police, and even then, they needed special permits, so the fact that a dwarvish student succeeded in casting those two spells without activating the alarm spells is proof of his high skills. Since it was still dark outside, most students were asleep, enjoying their last hours of rest before the final test. Of course, the alarm spell wasn't the only defence the female dormatory had. On each side of the door stood three statues, each representing one of the divine races. The wind kind, the flame kind and the earth kind (of course, all three races are mere legends) and each of them need a special password and if one wouldn't say these words, then the statues would come to life to hold the trespasser until the autorities would arrive. Marek, of course, did not know the words since he wasn't one of the resident of the dorm, but, being a dwarf, he knew a lot about stones. Among which what happen if water sips throught cracks and then froze...

So, he took a flask and, as the eerie voices of the statue asked for the words of passages, he threw the flask up in the air and casted a water creation spells (a spell that creates ten times the amount of water used in the spell) which covered a good part of the hall with water and then as the statue started to move, the dwarf smirked and took a flask from his belt. It was time to see if his term project worked. he swallowed just a few drops of the liquid and a few second later a small cloud of breath (the kind you get when you breathe outside in winter) appeared everytime he breathed. He suddenly expulsed as much air as he took out of his lung and the breath which is normally warm was like a cold winter wind at night in the poles. The water froze instantly, increasing in size and making all the spots where it sipped within the statues crack and break and soon, only rubbles were left of the statues.
Of course this made a lot of noise so the dwarf had to hurry.. he had to get his rival's project before anyone came to see what happened....

A little more than two hours after Marek's intrusion, Cara finally awaken. She was, unfortunately for her, a rather heavy sleeper. If she had woken up earlier things would be very different now... She went to the common kitchen she was sharing with her sister Marie. She was already dressed for school and sipping on a cup of coffee, smiling mischiviously behind the cup.

"Good morning Cara!" ; she said. "I believe you missed quite a lot of excitement this morning!"

Cara mumbled something incomprehensibled.

"No no, not another chorus on the fourth floor due to an uncontrolled cantrip spell. Someone succeeded in breaking in the dorm this morning! That person must have been really skilled. He also had the time to steal an item on this very floor!"

Cara almost choked with her juice, her mind formed an hypothesis about who could be the culprid. She rushed to her room and saw upon her desk that, instead of her project, was a letter. It went like this.

Greeting Cara,
as you might have noticed your little "project" is in my possession. I must admit it is unusual and yet it is something that probably would interest master Alcidius. But to show that I am fair I will give you one chance to present it to him. I left it at the old docks. Good luck finding it!


Cara boiled of rage. The dock was at least 3 hours of walk away, which wouldn't give Cara enough time to get back her stolen project and bring it back to master Alcidius on time. Unless....

She ran back to her sister who was about to leave.

"Marie! I beg of you! I need your help!" ; runned Cara in the corridor, still in her night gown.

Marie turned around, a huge grin on her face.

"I thought you'd never ask dear sister."

"I need you to tell master Alcidius that I'll be a tad late... And show him this." ; said Cara, tending Marek's letter to Marie.

"And what do I get in all this"; asked Marie.

"I......won't complain when you bring company home..alright? Now go go goooooo!"; replied Cara, pushing Marie toward the exit.

"You should try once in a while!" ; said the sister. "Who knows, you might have some fun for once!"

Cara grumbled as her sister walked down the stairs and then shouted.

The Volet

What, free publicity never harmed anyone..right?

"Bunnies just aren't dense enough. You'd have to squish them until their little bunny electrons mated with their little bunny protons." -rkolter
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