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IRC channel

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So we've finally got our Steve and Mac IRC channel up, you can find it on the Darkmyst network. #steveandmac. If you've never used IRC before you can download a client for it at

For those of you with an IRC client already installed, or those of you who choose to use the previous link to get one, here's a quick link to the channel.

We'll put up a java client at some point in the near future.
Steve and Mac forum
<Zero_Hawk> Grimace vs that Robot from T2
<Zero_Hawk> The one that regenerates
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> Grimace couldn't lose.
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> But he couldn't win
<malevolence> Grimace can breathe fire
<malevolence> he'd melt the robot
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> Because he has no offensive capability
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> He's like the Thwomp from Mario Party
<Zero_Hawk> The robot would regenerate
<Muddbogginredneck> you all need a life
<Zero_Hawk> You need to stop sleeping with your cousin.
<Muddbogginredneck> no

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