A new era...

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A new era...

Postby KLSanchez on Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:37 pm

Now heralding the arrival of both Charlie Sev and Comicarotica to the world of webcomics.

Also announcing the increased workload of one KL Sanchez, who even as he types this is dizzy and exhausted from holding up three webcomics. @_@ But it's okay since I love what I do. =D

And one more thing... GIG 'EM AGS! Half a day and the Sooners come to town.
I'm rich, biatch!

Gulf Coast chapter, bitches.
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Postby Zero_Hawk on Sat Nov 04, 2006 2:00 am

Don't complain about your workload or it'll be thirty lashes, bitch.

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<Zero_Hawk> Grimace vs that Robot from T2
<Zero_Hawk> The one that regenerates
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> Grimace couldn't lose.
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> But he couldn't win
<malevolence> Grimace can breathe fire
<malevolence> he'd melt the robot
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> Because he has no offensive capability
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> He's like the Thwomp from Mario Party
<Zero_Hawk> The robot would regenerate
<Muddbogginredneck> you all need a life
<Zero_Hawk> You need to stop sleeping with your cousin.
<Muddbogginredneck> no
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