Blingo - Get free stuff for googling, basically.

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Blingo - Get free stuff for googling, basically.

Post by Zero_Hawk »

Here's a neat little thing I found that I thought i'd share. Basically, it works like this:

You use blingo like you would google, apparently blingo's search engine is even powered by Google. Your first ten searches every day give you a chance of winning free stuff. Ranging from a free iTunes song, to movie tickets, and cash gift cards from Visa. I've heard you can even win bigger stuff, though rarely. The coolest thing is that if you refer a friend, and the friend you referred wins a prize, you win the prize too.

Just sign up under the person above you's link. And we'll keep chaining along like that. (Zeph, if at the very least you don't sign up I will become enraged, and go Hulk across Texas.) ... 89-WgZRThI
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<Zero_Hawk> Grimace vs that Robot from T2
<Zero_Hawk> The one that regenerates
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> Grimace couldn't lose.
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> But he couldn't win
<malevolence> Grimace can breathe fire
<malevolence> he'd melt the robot
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> Because he has no offensive capability
<MoogleGenocide[Bork]> He's like the Thwomp from Mario Party
<Zero_Hawk> The robot would regenerate
<Muddbogginredneck> you all need a life
<Zero_Hawk> You need to stop sleeping with your cousin.
<Muddbogginredneck> no

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Post by KLSanchez »

The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master.
I'm rich, biatch!

Gulf Coast chapter, bitches.

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