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Guesswork (Secrets)

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:42 pm
by PhoenixIncarnate
Throughout the comic, I've hidden a plethora of secrets within background images, character art, and in some cases even dialogue. Some things refer to the original story this spun off from (more specifically, scenes within Carrie's dreams), foreshadowing future events in the story that have yet to happen, hints about a character's background or motives, and occasionally just the simple Easter Egg.

This thread is for readers to help detect and discuss said secrets. While I am not at liberty to confirm or deny any particular secret one may have found, I will drop a few hints.

-Some pages contain characters that have not yet been formally introduced, or have even had a speaking part yet.

-Look for anything that seems to have been transferred from a dream page to the next.

-There is a particular criteria I use to decide which items to color and which to leave black and white. See if you can figure it out; then, look for special cases.

-I use several motifs in the comic. One is broken glass. Another is archangelic names.

-Page 12 introduces Carrie's stalker. Stalkers are sneaky, and tend to be around their target pretty often.

Those are all the hints I'm willing to give you. Feel free to speculate as much as you want about each secret you think you've found, but more importantly, try to figure out the meaning of those secrets. Most of them are planted for good reason and can actually help you make better sense of the plot once they are understood!

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2006 9:02 am
by PhoenixIncarnate
Here is a secret I am willing to let go. This involves an experiment I have been tinkering with, and I'm using my comic for this new idea. The idea is entirely mine, so if anybody wonders where this came from . . . yo.

Ever notice how if you look at an LCD monitor at the wrong angle, the colors become extremely distorted? I thought about ways to exploit this little glitch in the LCD system, and through trial and error (and a great big happy accident), I had discovered a way to secretly hide watermarks within a drawing that could not be seen normally! The only way to see the watermark is by standing up at an LCD monitor and looking down on it so the color distortion highlights the hidden image.

Take the latest page (#42) for instance. There are three such watermarks on that page; two of them are just words, but the third is an actual image from page #40. On a CRT monitor or by looking at them directly on an LCD, you can just barely see them (I haven' fully worked this out yet), but the casual eye would pass right over the watermark as though it wasn't there because it is so faint. Standing up and looking down, however, clearly reveals the image as the outlines turn a ghostly white against a black background.

Since this is a new development, and to my knowledge nobody actually pays attention to this forum for now, I am not willing to explain the method to this watermark effect. So, just keep looking for them. They won't be in every page from here on out, but it's definately something I will be using somewhat frequently.

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2006 11:18 pm
by Shiftfox
That's awesome! I saw what you meant. Granted, I'm not sure my laptop has the right screen, but I saw the text on 42. I have to look at my screen from the top down to notice it.

By the by, it's III.