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General thanks

Postby PhoenixIncarnate on Wed Feb 22, 2006 1:52 pm

Wow, Phoenix Incarnate has its own message board! Many thanks to Mercury Hat for setting this up for me, as well as to those who have supported my comic in the past.

I've been working on Phoenix Incarnate since mid-2004 and I've received both good and bad experiences from it, mostly good. On the negative side (since it's usually better to give the bad news first), a long bout of hiatuses kept coming firstly because I burned myself out pretty quickly, and also because I started it shortly before making the big move into college. Because of these reasons, I had to make many readjustments to my schedules, and unfortunately classes had to come first.

On the positive side, the experience has been very rewarding, and I've had the entire plot worked out for a long time, although I'm having some fun giving the established plot some new twists as I approach each scene. I've had a lot of support for the comic from friends and even family (strange, because some of that even comes from family that is actually portrayed in a negative light within this comic), though not much from e-mails so far. I do have many big plans for the comic as I regard this project as my first step towards professional story writing, a field I wish to delve into more deeply by the time I'm ready to try making video games out of these characters.

Anyway, excuse me for being so long winded. I usually have a lot to say, especially about my stories! I'll be spending much of tonight setting up these boards the way I want.
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