Ho12 Comic Jam, NYC - Thurs. Oct. 9 - tonight

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Ho12 Comic Jam, NYC - Thurs. Oct. 9 - tonight

Postby Cheese on Thu Oct 09, 2008 11:53 am

House of Twelve Comic Jam this Thursday

Hey there folks, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cheese Hasselberger and I am the publisher of the small press outfit House of Twelve Comics. We have been making anthology comics since 2001 featuring some of comics best and brightest, including Miss lasko-Gross (Fantagraphics), Kevin Colden (IDW), Mike Dawson (Freddie and Me), K. Thor Jensen (Red Eye, Black Eye), Victor Cayro (Kramer's Ergot), Neil Kleid (Image) and numerous self published and web comic art-stars.

About the same time I started publishing I also started running New York's largest and longest running comics event, the Ho12 Comic Jams. A monthly meeting of the minds in the basement of a bar in the heart of New York City. For seven years we have been churning out some of the world's most stupid, drunken, nightmares much like the underground cartoonists of yore. The Jam's are fun, energetic and open to all - just be sure to leave any pretension at the door.

Indie comics are, at their base, a personal and sometimes lonely labor of love, this is why we devote one night a month (usually the first Thursday) to getting out of the house and commiserating with other, like minded fools. Call it networking, call it schmoozing, call it getting plastered — by any name it is a perfect excuse to leave the confines of your studio and breathe in the open air (as much of it as there is in the basement of a bar in New York).

So it is with arms open wide I invite all within the sound of my voice to come out and join New York's finest young purveyors of dick and fart jokes as we get drunk and draw comics. All are welcome (21 and over, it is a bar after all), but be sure to bring your pencils, paper and thirst for excitement, booze.

Come on out and say hello,

Thursday, October 9, 7 pm
Jack Demsey's Pub
36 West 33rd st., NYC
In the basement
7 pm - 11ish

What is a "comic jam" anyway?
At it's base, a comic jam is when a group of artists get together and draw a single story. Formats vary between various jams and groups, ours tend to stick to this standard system: One person draws a single panel that sets the setting and characters, then the page is passed to the next person who draws the second panel, they then pass it to another and the process continues. THis goes on until A) someone makes the perfect gag for the situation, B) it runs out of steam, C) it is put out of its misery for just being too goddamn awful.

There are some amazingly outdated (I think I last updated it in 2006) samples on the main jam page, http://www.houseoftwelve.com/jam and a little more info on my newly started blog, http://ho12.blogspot.com
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