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Madden 2009, your chance to play! (And possibly meet me!)

PostPosted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:16 pm
by Dragonkingdoms
If you're into Madden, but haven't played it yet, and/or would like to see another CGer in action, and are in Florida or are willing to make the drive, there's Madden 09 (20th anniversary edition) set up to play.

It's set up at the Publix in Pinellas Park, Florida on Park Blvd. and Belcher Rd., and is the only one I know of that has such a display, likely due to GameStop being just down the street. Quiznos' too, if you go for that.

Nearby attractions (since you might want to do something OTHER than just play Madden):
-Busch Gardens (about 20 miles) Rollercoasters, wildlife, and shows.
-Tropicana Field (less than 10 miles) Watch the Rays, this season's big surprise, take on other teams at various times.
-Park Place 16 (about 5 miles) Why not see Mummy 3 or The Dark Knight?
-And, of course, the Rat Trap, aka Orlando (90 miles) For Disney, Universal, and several other parks.

Of course, you'll have to make your own arrangements for staying. I'm not sure how many of you will come to this, but sometimes things start small and go from there!

-Okay, so how do I get there?
You're in luck, because once you enter the metro area, you'll be on a fairly simple grid system. Park Blvd is 7400, Belcher Rd. is 7100 to 7900, depending on location. Streets run north to south, avenues east to west.

The hardest part, therefore, is being sure to go WEST from I-275 at the Pinellas Park Gandy Blvd. exit.
From the north (Tampa), that's a simple right turn. But from the south (Bradenton/Sarasota), you'll end up going east if you do that! Just turn left once off the ramp.

Once you've done that, just follow it until it becomes Park Blvd. and go past 49th St. Keep going past the railroad tracks and through 66th St., then continue past Belcher Rd. until you see the Publix sign. Make a right.

As a bonus, I can play whoever on the game around 6:30pm Saturday, 6pm Sunday, any time Monday, 6pm Tuesday, 12:30pm Wednesday, any time Thursday, and 6pm Friday. I also may add a 1-2 timeslot (except Wed.) if there's enough interest. Of course, the game is able to be played anytime from 7am to 10pm, just that I'll be busy with things.

Re: Madden 2009, your chance to play! (And possibly meet me!)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:47 pm
by Dragonkingdoms
For those that are still watching (all 2 of you), the store has long since taken down the Madden display. However, the attractions listed are still valid.