2007 St. Louis Comic Cookout RPG Thread

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Postby Rkolter on Mon May 14, 2007 9:24 am

Ok, It's May 14th, and we have:

Nyke: Running Ninja Pirate.
-- phactorri interested

Ryan: Running Paranoia.
-- black sparrow
-- phactorri

Ryan: Running AD&D 2nd Ed.
-- Jim North
-- Dracomax
-- Hogan
-- Remus
-- Phactorri

I'm going to drop Paranoia. I didn't want to, because Polerin wanted me to run it and I offered to do so because she helped me out with something... but I just don't have the players, and Friday is looking more and more booked with other things anyhow.

Black Sparrow - do you want to be the sixth person for my AD&D Romp?
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