The new forum.

A discussion area for readers, fans and haters of Plugged Nickel, chiefly comic and character-related.

The new forum.

Postby Ronald_MacK on Mon Jan 09, 2006 7:39 pm

Hello readers, and welcome to the Plugged Nickel subforum of the ComicGenesis forums. You may be asking yourself "Self, why didn't Ron just make his own forum? Then he could have all kinds of sections like News and General and Games and Music!" Because those subjects are far better at much larger forums, such as the main area of the Comic Genesis forums; wanna talk about music? I'm sure there's a thread there for it.

This is mainly for matters concerning and relating to the comic and site. Comic discussion, questions answered, fanart posted (since I take so long to update it), characters looked at, the works.

We'll iron out how this works in a bit. If discussion is slow or whatnot, I'll just stick up a "THIS IS THE ONLY THREAD FOR COMIC COMMENTARY" topic. If it's quick, individual threads for each comic. Neato keen? I'll also start a Frequently Asked Questions thread where you, the readers, can ask me questions (not necessarally related to the comic and such) and I will do my best to answer them.

General rules; same as the rest of the forum. Which, like you, I didn't read. But let's just assume that excessive cursing, nudity, those sacare-flashes and linking to those stupid "you've just been turned into a zombie/vampire/mafia" links are not allowed.

That should be about it. Play nice, and explore the rest of this vast forum and comment on other great comics.
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