Background blues [what I wanted Feb 21 to look like]

Postby EteRock on Thu Feb 21, 2002 10:06 am

The comic for today (Feb 21) didn't turn out at all what I wanted.

What I invisioned first was a shot of the WacDonalds factory. Next something inside the factory staring through the windows at Ian. Ian out of the corner of his eyes sees something moving. He asks Dominic if he saw anything, Dominic says no. Ian turns around saying it might have been nothing. Then a shadowy figure appears behind the windows with red glowing eyes.

It was late, 4am late. I spend a half hour to an hour trying to get that one background you see, and another one that didn't work out, done. I was tired so I went for the shortest route.

But man doing backgrounds on the computer is hard. I need more practice. But I think I'd rather draw the backgrounds on paper, much easier that way.
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