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Postby EteRock on Tue Jan 15, 2002 7:33 am

During the summer of 2000 I made some name poems of CRFH characters (the first letter in a sentence spells out the characters name) <P>Anyway a couple of months ago I got an email about a poetry contest. I thought why not and submitted the "April" poem, being as I think the best;<P>A pretty flower in a pot is
Perched on a ledge as
Rain beats down on it
Idolaters come to worship the
Lovely flower that blooms so elegantly<P>
Today I got mail ("mail" mail not email) that I am a semi-finalist in the contest. My poem has been entered into the final competition held in February.<P>On top of that my poem has been selected to be published in an upcoming poetry book. Under a Quicksilver Moon (ISBN 0-7951-5065-2) There's an "artist's profile" I can fill out I'm going to see if I can plug CRFH there <IMG SRC=""><P>Also I may be eligible to attend the International Society of Poet's Convention and Symposium held in Walt Disney World.<P>
As with everything I'm taking all this with a grain of salt, but if it is all true then happy days for me.
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