End of one beginning of another

Postby EteRock on Fri Oct 27, 2000 3:23 am

Well, the first storyline is over and I like to hear what your opinions on it are.<P>With an end comes a beginning, starting Monday the comic will take a somewhat brief (about 3 weeks) departure in it's tone and attitude. It will be a much more darker and serious one which I hope won't put off potential readers of current (all three of you) readers. <P>Also the style will change as well. I'll be using ink and drawing the images larger. Right now I use a hand held scanner and the entire comic is only 4" high so every thing is crammed in. This time around I'll make the individual images either 4" wide or 4" high and combined them in the computer.<P>I plan on changing the style from time to time. Using pencils, ink, colored pencils, brushes, computer colors, etc.<P>------------------
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