Similar to the title of this comic (is pluggin' ok here...?)

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Similar to the title of this comic (is pluggin' ok here...?)

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I wrote a book about three years ago, but I never had the means to publish it until later. I was high and I was doing it for NaNoWri, but I didn't think it was that bad, and it is my only finished novel, so I was glad to have finally made it available in printed form. This is a plug... if that's not ok I totally understand. There'll even be a button you can push to go to my little page, so it's serious business. I also thought it'd be somewhat fitting to mention the story here, because I called it "The End." This was before I started reading this comic, so I wanted to say it was just a funny little coincidence. I hope this is received well. ... nt=1120627

Edit: I just made a link, since the button didn't work. Bleh hard.
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Plugging is alright.

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Oh, so the title has nothing to do with the title of this comic? Wow, cool, I thought it did!

And getting a book published is awesome, no matter how you slice it. I wish I had some form of achievement on par with that.
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