These Last Few Days

These Last Few Days

Postby Maboo on Mon Jan 27, 2003 8:51 am

As you may all have noticed, Keenspace had a major server meltdown and disastrous crash - with the result that over 1,000 Keenspace accounts got destroyed, and everything on them was lost permanently.

I am extremely sorry to report that many of my friends lost comics and accounts. "Framed!", while not officially among the lost accounts, suffered serious and extensive file losses, and Sea of Insanity has disappeared.

Blotto Street was extremely lucky to survive virtually unscathed. I did lose another account, but there was nothing on there to worry about except a template and a couple of images - it was a work in progress.

Please spare some thought for those webcomics and accounts that got totally wiped and destroyed over the last few days.

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Postby Tangent on Thu Jan 30, 2003 6:55 am


At least you escaped unscathed.

Ironically, it appears Tangents also made it through relatively untouched, though I've not yet perused my files to see if everything in there is okay.

It's a lesson for us. Keep backup files on our home computer!

*sigh* It's ironic. I would not have minded losing Tangents, seeing that I plan on rewriting it. So of course it survived.

It's good to have you "back", Mab. I missed your little tea-time. ;)
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