Am I just dense?

Am I just dense?

Postby U2QueenBee on Fri Dec 06, 2002 9:14 am

Maybe it's because my brain is thoroughly phlegm-addled at the moment, but I don't get the last few comics, the nun joke and the think about the battery operated pigs and the army. What am I missing? Why is the nuns' soap missing? Is one of them using it as...erm...a...oh dear but that would sting, I would think, it would be like putting soap up your nose or something! And what about the pigs? Is this something in the news? Am I overthinking it? Ow my head.

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Postby Bo Lindbergh on Fri Dec 06, 2002 2:58 pm

On the front page, Mab wrote:And you never know - Frank and Myra may be talking about future storylines. So keep your eyes wide open and your ears pricked, and you may just taste the future. Or they may just be winding you up. Just wait and see.

So the bit about the pigs would be a precap of a hypothetical future event. 8)
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