Mabbie! You're ok! *huggles*

Mabbie! You're ok! *huggles*

Postby U2QueenBee on Sun Sep 08, 2002 8:44 am

I have been trying to get into Blotto for months without success, it was like the site completely disappeared! You're ok! The comic's back! Yay! :D :D :D :D

BTW if you ever have any free time (ha ha) I have just discovered that #ongames is still alive too, with some of the same old visitors. :) Love to see you there if you get a chance!

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Postby Maboo on Wed Oct 23, 2002 6:39 am

Oh brilliant!!! :D

I was wondering about you myself also, considering whether I ought to drop you an email or something and find out what was going on!

Glad to see you're OK!
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