Shiney new forum

Shiney new forum

Postby Pennycandy on Fri Nov 25, 2005 12:05 am

Say goodbye to the old, fussy, and irritating shoutbox, and say hello to the sexy new forum. I'm your host, the Cammi.

Ok, some rules (pretty standard stuff):

No flames, spam, etc. Disobeying causes me to come after you with a battle axe or mackerel. Or Brodie (the real one) to come after you with... god only knows.

Play nice, and keep it PG-13. Or at least Web14.

Now, I've never been a mod before, so bear with me whilst I learn. Now go enjoy the shiney-ness.
Always remember to talk nice - "I'll be a monkey's uncle!" sounds better than "My sister buggers baboons."

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