My heart is with you!

a forum for free thinking (( I won't charge)) and relation of ideas about how to efectively run the comic strip. as well as notifications of changes in the strip.
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My heart is with you!

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Hey sweets! First of all, I wanted to offer my condolences to you and my sympathy. I'm so sorry about Kintaro. He was so cute and I know you loved him so much from all the storied you shared with me. He will be missed and I know he will be in Kitty Heaven... most likely getting assignments direct from Boo as a consience or little kitty guardian angel.

Also, we have internet at work again!! YAY! We had a virus that deleted the C Drive and the PC pooped out. I also just got new internet at home on Friday. So i'm sure you've sent me tons of messages over the last 3 weeks I'm sorries!! If you get this before 11, call me at work, otherwise i'll catch you on myspace sweety.


Brianna Mae

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Post by Trades »

Thanks. Kintaro was a nice muse for my work but honestly I doubt he would be working as a kitty guardian angel... more than likely like Hours he has his own lacky doing things for him up there...
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Re: My heart is with you!

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