Birth of a Legend #9- Why Can't You Take A Joke, Akahr?

Birth of a Legend #9- Why Can't You Take A Joke, Akahr?

Postby Dragonkingdoms on Wed Mar 15, 2006 2:01 am

NOTE: Birth of a Legend is the renamed Trilogy of Legends series of comics. This was done so Corry might be able to get some comic time in the future, and I bet some of you know what will happen if he doesn't...

Anyway, Birth of a Legend #9 continues off the point where Akahr and Thomas got into a fight with each other. Thomas gave Akahr a bad burn from his Fireball spell, and when Akahr slashed back at him, saying he could always heal, William stepped in and took Akahr's magic, telling him that he took his magic, and next time, it could be his life! So, now, Akahr's concerned that nothing will be able to stop Thomas now. (And that's where the Birth of a Legend Comic #9 starts)

Notice the panels are a little larger. I've found this allows for a little more detail, as well as a cleaner look, as well. However, it also means that those with computers with less than 800x600 resolution will have to do some scrolling... there's not a lot I can do about that. For a 1024x768 resolution (same as mine), there's still 75 pixels left on each side before horizontal scrolling becomes necessary in full screen view. This gives it a good center, and allows for a favorites window and the scroll bars, as well. (The favorites may need to be pulled back slightly, though)

So, discuss the comic here!
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