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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2002 1:00 am
by Ultimate Calibur
Scene 4
Man and woman running down coridor
Man says: my names Roel. yours?
Woman says: Dia, but could we pay more attention to running

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2002 4:51 am
by Junglechink

dude stares into a dark corner...
looks closer..concentrating...

then, half-dead treasure-hunter flops onto the dude...

dude freaks out.

half-dead body falls to the ground with a thud.

moment of silence.

dude starts poking half-dead body.

half-dead body grabs his arm.

dude screams like a girl again.

.... to be continued.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, 2002 5:01 am
by Junglechink
half-dead man says "Run, boy.It's..not..worth it."
then half-dead man dies.

dude stares.
opens man's hand.
finds an odd-shaped key.
gets up.
picks up his sword.


im bored.
neeeed sleeeep..

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2002 5:05 am
by Khideky
Panel 1: The hero slowly turns around in fear

Panel 2: And sees a cute, but emotionless little girl. Guy: "Hello little girl. What are you doing here? A dungeon is no place for.."

Panel 3: Focus to the girl's feet which are floating a foot of the ground. Guy (off screen):"... a.. floating.. little girl.. like, um.. yourself."

Panel 4: Showing the man and the little girl's shadow.. only the little girl's shadow now has a dozen shadow tentacles springing from her back, poised to attack. Guy (off screen): "Crap!"

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2002 11:38 pm
by DrPhizZ
Panel 1: turns around to see a really old man almost tripping over his beard. he exclaims "Turn back now while you still can!"

Panel 2: dude asks why

Panel 3: Old man replies: The place is empty. I've been lost in here for 80 years and haven't found one single monster!

Panel 4: goes to picture of dungeon entrance with a sign saying "You are now entering the caverns of nothing special"

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2002 2:35 am
by Bloody_anny
Dude: Who..whose there
Voice: I am
Dude: Who are you
Voice: I am me
Dude: Whats your name?
Voice: I have no name
Dude: Where are you?
Voice: I am here can't you see me?
Dude: Show me where you are
Voice: I'm right behind you
(Guy turns around)
Voice: I hope some people come looking for him or I might go hungry

PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2002 8:42 am
by Radiodj19
Panel 1:
That guy: Get out here!
Panel 2:
some cricket: KRIK!
That guy:
Darn! It was just a cricket!
Panel 4:
That guy: *steps on cricket*

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2002 7:07 am
by The Animeister
guy turns around and sees.... Another adventurer, long haired guy, all rougish and cool. he has a crossbow, the sound was that same bow being prepared for fire. and it is fired, causing the nameless hero dude to duck into a random corridor, sword drawn a ready, thinking "how the hell did HE follow me in here..."

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2002 7:04 am
by Son Goten
Yay! Roll: Die! is gonna continue!!!!

(I'm going to call the Hero Steve ^.^)

Steve- I swore I heard something...


Steve- There it is again...! What the hell was that?

Steve- Is that... MUSIC? No... it can't be...

*Little music notes surround him*


*Mysterious shadow guy appears*

Mysterious Shadow Guy- Hello there, Steven.

(The back of Steve's head is away from the shadow guy.)

Steve- ?!