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Postby Michelle on Mon Sep 17, 2001 5:10 am

I made a Link Me/Link You thing at the bottom of my site, like yours is, and I linked you...but you never linked me.<P> Though my comic is on its first hiatus right now while my computer's busted. Only Strip #6, I'm gonna be just like you, CDC. <IMG SRC=""><P> And do you mind if I use some cut graphics from your comics for a "This is How CDC Draws Stuff" section of the CDC fanpage? <IMG SRC=""><P> When I get my comp back up, that is. <IMG SRC=""><P> You should do tutorials when you get time...even make it a weekly strip or something... <IMG SRC=""><P> I should get a cameo in LoF. ;p<P><P>------------------
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