For the webmistress, as her email is insanely hard to find..

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For the webmistress, as her email is insanely hard to find..

Postby Dotty on Mon Mar 13, 2006 9:58 am

Some of the comics on the site are silly-big. Like over 600k. That's sillyness. When you guys get all situated with moving, and with the having computers, and whatnot (blackaby said inbetween anger and rage that you guys are moving, or in situations without computers) I've tinkered with one of your strips, and made it 200k. Much more user friendly to 56k'ers.


Anyways, to replicate this is very simple. I'm not sure how it works in paintshop pro (Mercury Hat would know) but in photoshop, open one of those silly big comics, and click "save for web". Down the quality from 100 to 60.

I know that sounds scary, but very little actually changes. It just, as the function suggests, saves it to be web friendly.

I hate to be a bother of any kind. Just thought I'd help as opposed to just whine about the file size. :D
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Postby Mr.Bob on Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:09 pm

As long as messages are being sent to the web mistress here, I'd love it if the archive page ( was updated! :D
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