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Updating again.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 2:29 pm
by Garasade
I will be updating the comic soon. I left it off for a bit as I was getting my life in order. I guess the schedule will still be on a weekly basis at best.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2005 8:53 pm
by Garasade
As I mentioned in the index page of the comic, I am restarting it. The artwork is far coarser with minimal polish, but my distaste for pixel hunting and glossing over a page with smudge tool short of crafting a whole new macro for the exercise may have taken a toll on my initial enthusiasm. My knowledge of Paint Shop Pro has been minimal at best, and I've lost the product CD that really stumped me after a reinstall of WindowsXP precipitated by a faulty install of a new monitor (yes, a monitor brought my whole system down, a fact that may indicate the level of my computer expertise). Now I'm using GIMP, which I feel is a good program that would still take some time to get used to.

To be honest, this comic has lost its appeal for me long before I went on a hiatus in September. I feel that I have to restart in order to rekindle the kind of new direction in me without which I would not be able to continue one whit. The story is more or less the same, but adds a few more details to it that I would have opted not to reveal in the first time around. It would not really detract the story since the prospect of losing an opportunity for a meaningful flashback is not significant in relation to stalling a story that's been bogged down both in mind and a form put to paper.

To those who would see this, I am trying to enact some sort of new perspective on this comic thing. Due to my flawed nature, I don't think I will ever be able to achieve excellence or coherence in any of my undertaking let alone this comic. From that standpoint I think I can see how I would be able to approach this. I'm kind of lost and would like to make the comic more or less reflection upon my stream of consciousness. Why can't I just keep drawing? I just want to make an enormous mass of anything ultimately as to set some kind of landmark for myself.

Thanks for reading garasade. I'm sorry it will have to be all over again, but if you've at least taken interest in the plot then you will be able to find some new things that may make the overall scheme clearer.