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Confounded by the comic? I will try my best to answer any questions
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News updates

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I would like to post some news in this particular thread as they come up. I think it is more of a responsive way of response than one way bulletin I put up on the front page of the site.

January 21st update:
I was late on this one since I had drawing Silmi's face. I had a general idea of face from the half of the face I drew for the upcoming new profile pictures, but could not replicate that in comics. Much frustration ensued, and it all devolved into pixel-adjusting. And I just made her eyes look twice as big and it came to pass so to speak. I also inadvertently drew the guy's face in a different manner, but I am still trying to work between different perspectives on faces. It would be fascinating how it can change so drastically from one to the other, if it were not so hair-raisingly exasperating.

EDIT: I think the updater has been clogged lately, I do not see a new comic up, which only means that the comic is still in the queue...

I don't even have the name for the guy yet...but if you even recall a shred of an event with Mozbei and Godu in the old version of the comic, he is in fact his son.

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