Character Survey I - Pepsi

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Character Survey I - Pepsi

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1)What is your character's name?
Pepsi von Hellswine

2)How old is he/she?
33 years

3)Is your OC a boy or girl?

4)What's his/her race?
1/2 Hummelware, 1/2 preciousmomentoid

1)If this character were to suddenly become part of the real world, and ended up in a heavily-populated area, how many stares would he/she get? A lot of annoyed glances, like why is this 5 year old chain smoking?

2)Is your character considered normal in his/her own world?
Yes, but unusually attractive and tall.

3)What would be his/her most recognisable feature(s)?
Thick golden hair, beautiful eyes shining with joy.

4)Would you consider your OC as attractive?
Yes, he looks like a lovely angel from heaven.

Bad, if he doesn’t get his own way.

2)Does your character ever get depressed?
Not often, he loves his job!

3)Leader or Follower?
Pepsi would love to be the leader, but at the moment he just has Eastern Vulgarian Peasants to boss.

4)What is the main aspect of his/her personality?
Happy Sadism and lechery

1)Did your OC have a family of any sort? If so, are they still alive?
We have no idea who his parents are. All we know is that Pepsi’s mother abandoned him at the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage when he was a baby.

He is married to munitions heiress Uschi Keigles and they have two small children- Paris (5) and Hladgunnr (6 months)

2)Is your character out on his/her own? If so, why?
Not really, Pepsi is a people person

3)Has he/she encountered any traumatising events?
Yes, but usually he causes them.

4)What was probably the best time in his/her life so far?
That time he got assigned to an all female unit by mistake.

No, he married debutante Uschi Keigles after he got her in the pudding club (Uschi’s Mother cried and her father swore under his breath when they walked down the aisle).

2)Has your OC developed any romantic relationships?
Pepsi is very keen on his Bosses wife Snowball.

He likes deflowering far, FAR to much.

4)Does your character like flirting?
Pepsi would flirt with drainpipes if he thought it could get him laid.

1) What animal would you associate your OC with?

2)Musical Instrument?



Showing the Love
1)Do you draw your character?
Yes, far too much.

2)Do you write about him/her?

3)Do you use him/her in any RPG's?
God no!

4)What other ways have you appreciated your OC?
He is the star of my comic

1)Is your character wanted for anything?
No, but only because he IS the law.

2)What are three weaknesses in him/her?
Pussy, vanity , peruvian nose candy

Good looks and charisma

4)Does your OC drink or smoke (ect.)?
He chain smokes, pops amphetitmines like candy but he doesn’t drink a drop.

5)What's one quirk about him/her?
His chronic sluttiness

6)Does your character have any phobias?
Old gypsy women and Bees

7)What could you do to get him/her into a blind rage?
call him “piggy”

8)Does your OC like chickens?
He prefers pheasant

The Final Question
What would you consider your relationship with your character to be like? He is like my son!

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