Voting, Site stuff, ect

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Voting, Site stuff, ect

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I need to say this right off the bat. Modern tales, to paraphrase Sammy Sossa, has been "berry berry good to me".

But their interface for page less then stellar.

There are a number of things that I'ld LIKE to do with the site, that I just cant do on MT. Like...web design for one. It's a fairly unitarian style of command which really doesn't leave much room for creative input.

Which is why ABH on MT is so...spartan in appearance.

Seriously, the interface on the MT side is archaic. Where as with Comic Genesis I could do an update in a matter of seconds...and prompt it whenever I pleased, MT needs a bit more effort. I cant really adjust any layout issues with MT, and the page is static.

Heck, right now just updating the "news" section requires a lot more effort then I have time for right now.

All the fun stuff like the voting buttons, the maps, the theme song...that's all going to be at the CG site. That site will be receiving monthly strip "dumps", so the strip isn't always going to be current over there...but at least the fun stuff is still intact.

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