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Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:31 pm
by Tim
As you can probably tell, I like explaining things. I know early on in the comic I was all too eager to have talking heads explain the situation they were in. But as the comic's evolved, so has my drawing, which means drawing more, which means not as much text comes through. And since I still limit myself to four panels (usually) and I'm still trying to keep things from getting bogged down, a lot of what I have planned in my head may not necessarily show up on the page. So, here's an attempt to explain some of these things.

Remember, most of what's here follows the pre-established conventions, but I'll be explaining my personal interpretations, which are Alternate Delusions canon.

If there's anything else that doesn't make sense to you that you'd like to have explained, please reply!

Explanations: The Book of Magic Cards

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:33 pm
by Tim
The Book of Magic Cards

Obviously, this is a parody/homage of the Clow Cards from the anime/manga Cardcaptor Sakura (henceforth referred to as "CCS"). For those who don't know, here's a full list of the 52 cards, all of which are preceded by "The":

Arrow, Big, Bubble, Change, Cloud, Create, Dark, Dash, Dream, Earthy, Erase, Fiery, Fight, Float, Flower, Fly, Freeze, Glow, Illusion, Jump, Libra, Light, Little, Lock, Loop, Maze, Mirror, Mist, Move, Power, Rain, Return, Sand, Shadow, Shield, Shot, Silent, Sleep, Snow, Song, Storm, Sweet, Sword, Through, Thunder, Time, Twin, Voice, Watery, Wave, Windy, Wood

There's also "The Nothing" (or "The Hope", depending on when precisely in the second movie you're talking about), but I'm not sure if I'm going to bother including it. In my case, I'm just going with "the _____ card". Also, I'm going with the normal name for the elemental cards ("the fire card" as opposed to "The Fiery", which I think sounds kinda dumb). Most of these cards do what they sound like they'd do, but if there's any confusion, post and I'll clarify.

The heart on Fuchsia's wand spins around on its bottom point when she uses it to activate a card.

The cards themselves take on several forms. First, there's the card form (duh). They also have a natural form, which is usually depicted on the card itself. In CCS, a lot of these forms are of young anime girls, so to save myself the hassle of needing to draw such intricate girls, I re-imagined them as chibis. Most also have some symbol on their chest to represent their power, Care Bear-style. Some cards have an alternate form which is the power itself (for example, the Glow card is the actual glowing spheres). And my idea is that some cards can possess certain objects, depending on the power and the object. For example, Fuchsia can use the Power card on herself and gain super strength, or she can use in on her wand and it turns into a war hammer.

Argos is, of course, Keroberos / Cerberus from CCS. The name Argos itself is another dog from Greek mythology. Tsuki's name, like his counterpart Yue, means "moon". Tsuki's "alternate" form will not be that of some random friend of Fuchsia's.