Taking a Break

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Taking a Break

Postby Kilre on Thu Jul 05, 2007 10:51 pm

I'm calling a halt to Beautiful Skies for the moment. My brain needs some time to relax; I've spent a long time getting things done as close to a regular schedule as possible, and it's driven my creativity into the ground.

In other words, I'm having an artist's block. The story is there! Honest. I just can't get the wretched thing onto the paper with as much ease as I used to.

Am I done? Hell no: I'm still drawing the pages. Just much slower. I'll accrue a backlog before I start posting pages again. I'm at 2 and a half as of this writing, and will have time to draw more over the coming weeks. With no schedule to keep me down, my drawing hand will hopefully pick itself up.
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