Recent Changes and Milestone

A comic about the future of humankind, whether for good or bad (<--drawing and story skills there)
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Recent Changes and Milestone

Post by Kilre »

I'm sure the site looks a little different, but not a whole bunch. I've changed the font colors to better see them against the dark backgrounds. I've updated the Extras page with more images and another short comic I wrote not too long ago. I've also added a "stumble" link, so please feel free to stop on in and promote the comic there if you're into that kind of thing - and it would please my ego to no end.

I'm also closing on 400 pages. Sure, the comic pages published so far has only reached 388, but I'm still working on my backlog. Hopefully I'll have that shit done soon.

I need to look up how to put a livejournal page on the main page so I can put this there instead of here.
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Re: Recent Changes and Milestone

Post by Keats »

Is there something wrong with the site's date? Cuz it says 2008.
Edit: Muh bad! Sorry.

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