Shianra's Secret: what I'm going to do with this here comic

online manga about life near the dawn of time on earth, when magic was abundant, chaos ran rampant through our lives and humans were just beginning to get in touch with their darker, more destructive, sides.

Shianra's Secret: what I'm going to do with this here comic

Postby Shianra on Mon Jan 09, 2006 3:48 am

Hehe. There's going to be a whole new story, different, better art, and hopefully a main character that you'll click with. I sorta like her myself...

She's a fairly short brunette with freckles, and she doesn't have any magical powers unfortunately. And don't be looking for boobs or pantie shots to oogle at either :P

But still, she might interest you:)

You have been warned.

Ps I'm moving to interstate to melbourne on the 18th! hence i will draw as much of the comic as i can and upload it before I go, lets least 8 pages?? and then I'll have to figure out internet access and stuff over there. I won't be able to photoshop though, so you'll have to put up with my traditional form of art! suffer >:D

love, Jacinta Lee aka Shianra
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