Cameos - May 6, 2005

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Cameos - May 6, 2005

Post by Nothingspecial »

In the strip for May 6th, I managed to stick in a number of cameos. Below is a list of who's who in the audience.

Top Left: Rob and Elliot of <a target='blank' href="">Clay's comic by the same name</a>. Not that I expect you to tell. I laid out the cameos and then inserted the word bubbles. Most of their distinguishing features got covered up. Doh!

Top Middle: Lizbeth of <a target='blank' href="">Point Comics</a>. Again, not really many defining features. I hoped the tail was a giveaway. If not, sorry.

Top Right: Mike aka Blue Phoenix of <a target='blank' href="">Mike's Spiffy Sprites</a>. Bloop's a good friend I met in the Catharsis Forums, and he did a guest strip for me.

Middle... Middle: Lori from <a target='blank' href="">Furmentation</a>... sort of. Lori is a character of Phillip's that he and I have talked about. I'm not going to say anything more about her, since Phillip may decide to change things or introduce her in ways I don't want to spoil, but suffice to say, she is his only character that I know of that is not a hamster, and thus would not look odd in a crowd of people.

Middle Middle Right: the Doodlebunny from <a target='blank' href="">Catharsis!</a>. This is J.B.'s alterego that appears in her comics. Her expression is pretty hidden, but we're getting better.

Middle Right: Guy Average from <a target='blank' href=""> Why Not</a> comics. Since Fred did such fantastic color for me for so long, I thought he definitely deserved a cameo.

Front: Gamers from <a target='blank' href="">Once Upon A Table</a>. They've appeared in the background before. In hindsight, I probably should have put them in the back rows, since I think you could identify the characters based on those shirts alone without any other distinguishing features, and instead put the comic folks, who need their faces shown, upfront, but it's too late for that now. Maybe, once the comic is done, I'll go back and redo this.
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Post by Ricky-Ticky-Tavy »

Woo! I got's me a cameo in Nothing Special! I'm famous now! Woooo! I can sign autographs and sell my signature for money! I get to have my own creepy stalker chicks too! My gf might not like that, but then the stalkers won't care.

Thanks Matt, I appreciate it *hug*

And you do a good doodle bunny too.

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Re: Cameos - May 6, 2005

Post by Entrophy »

nothingspecial wrote:In hindsight, I probably should have put them in the back rows, since I think you could identify the characters based on those shirts alone without any other distinguishing features
Plus, there's no way that group would have gotten good seats in the first place. Someone needs to be right behind a pillar and another gets the seat that's only got one leg bolted down and is leaning precariously over the edge of the Dramatic Entrance Tunnel, causing the bolt to snap during the first few bars of some bad rock song which results in the occupying character falling three stories to land on top of the entering WWE champion and thereby earning the Campionship Belt though the organization's "You broke it, you bought it" policy.

But, you know, what the hey. It's your comic.

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