Card Rules and Regulations

The story of a Mint Tasting Dragon Cub and his friends, as they enter into the old Tea-Coffee conflict.

Card Rules and Regulations

Postby Sarasoji on Wed Mar 30, 2005 11:25 am

This rules aren't still perfected. If you find loopholes or problems with them, please send either me or Sdragon a Message!

Mint Whelp Saga Card Game Rules.


First of all, you need to set the Fielding Points for both players. Second, according to those fielding
points, you get to choose your cards, deducting the card's "Fielding Cost" from your own
Fielding Points.

Example: let's say you and your opponent decide a Fielding Point amount of 100 Points.You then,
choose to add 2 Karenina's cards to your deck. Karenina's fielding cost is 28 so.

28X2=56. 100-56= 44. So, you still have 44 Fielding points to use to add more cards in your deck.

Choose wisely, since an All-Powerful card of 100 Fielding Cost would probably lose to a barrage
of well equipped 20 F.Costing cards!

Now that you have your deck done, it's time for the DUELING!


The Battlefield goes like this:



In the Front Row you put the cards that will be involved in the Battle Steps of the Duel. The Back Row
plays a supportive role, but that doesn't mean that they aren't necessary.

You have to set ALL your cards in a way that there have to be equal or more number of cards in your
Front Row than in your Back Row. For example, if you have 3 cards, you could set them like this.

FRONT ROW *Card* *Card* *Card*



FRONT ROW *Card* *Card*


But not like this


BACK ROW *Card* *Card*



BACK ROW *Card* *Card* *Card*

Equip Items should be set just at your card's side, same goes with Class Change Cards. You can only set 1 Equipment card
per Character Card. The Special cards should be set beside the
field, like this:

FRONT ROW *Card*--Equip-- *Card*--Equip--Class Change Card--

It may sound complicated, but you'll get the hang of it easily.


A. First Phase-- Row Change.

Row Change is called to the step where you change your cards from the Back Row to the Front Row
and viceversa, or change the cards from side to side. For example:



Can be changed to:






And from here:



Just keep in mind that you have to set the cards in a way that there have to be equal or more number
of cards in your Front Row than in your Back Row.

Any cards that change Rows or place can't perform any attacks, unless the effect of a character card,
equipped or special card states that they can.

B. Second Phase- Special Effects.

Special Effects include all effects made by Special Cards and Character Card Effects like Healing
or losing Health Effects. All Effects in the Character and Special Cards are applied here. This Phase
can be skipped if you don't plan to use any effects for the turn, but any effects regarding the Lose
of Health of your own Character Cards are applied, wether you skip this phase or not.

Both Rows can use their Special Healing Effects.

If a Character uses it's Healing Effect in this phase, they can't perform any attack.

Keep in mind that attack and special effects are made at the same time.

C. Third Phase- Battle Phase.

The Battle Phase is the most important part of the duel, as it decides the winner of the match.

The cards on the Front Row are the only ones that can attack, and they can only attack other Front
Row Cards, unless the application of an Equipment, Special or Character Card states otherwise.

You and your opponent have to declare the number of your attack, which card or cards will attack
which card of your respective opponents, and the amount of damage they'll do, for example.

"First Attack: The Cards Karenina and Mint Whelp will attack your Inn Keeper for 12 HP Damage!"

If the attacked card's HP reaches zero, that card is destroyed. Otherwise, it continues in the field with
the amount of HP left in it. Your opponent's and your attacks are made at the same time, so, if you
attack and destroy any of it's attacking cards, it won't stop it's attack at all.

If you still have cards to attack with in the Field, you can declare another attack. Following the last
example, it would be like this:

"Second Attack: The Card "Gathered Crowd" attacks your Inn Keeper Card for 3 HP"

--Forcing the row Combo.

If you destroy your opponent's Front Row Card, and there is a Card in the Back Row behind it,
this card must move to the Front Row to occupy the place of the destroyed card. This is called
"Forcing the Row". If you still have a card to attack your opponent with, you can attack the card that
has been forced into the Front Row.
If it's your card the one that has been forced, you can use it to attack your opponent, as long as you
haven't used it's healing effect in the Special Phase.

D. Fourth Phase- Aftermath

In this phase, you and your opponent declare the amount of HP left in all the cards that have been attacked
during the Battle Phase.

The game finishes when any player loses all of his/her Character Cards. If there are still Character cards on
both sides of the field, you have to repeat from phase A to D with your remaining cards, until a winner is


You win if:

A) Your opponent is out of Character Cards on the field.
B) Your opponent gives up.

You lose if:

A) You are out of Character Cards on the field.
B) You give up.

It's a draw when:

A) You and your opponent destroy your last Character card in at the same time.
B) You and your opponent declare a draw.
C) Due to healing the battle ends up never ending.
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Postby Sarasoji on Wed Mar 30, 2005 12:03 pm

About Duel Points: Everytime you win a Card duel, you get 10 points. If you lose it, you get 3 Duel Points.

Duel points let you get more cards. For more information on that, refer here

There's a special dueling Mode, where you bet your Duel points gotten so far. If you win it, you'll get double the points you bet. If you lose, you'll lose all the duel points you bet.


You have 10 Duel points(now refered to as DP). You enter a betting match and bet 8 DP's. If you defeat your opponent, you'll win 16 DP's, giving you a total of 26 DP's. If you lose, you'll end up having 2 DP's only.

You should post a topic in this forum if you want to duel anyone to a match and earn DP's.

There are three types of Duel.

Closed Duel: This type of duel is done between two persons that agreed to have a match. No persons can add themselves in this duel.

Open Duel: Here, the one who makes the topic will wait fro somebody willing for a challenge to enter his/her duel. Once the place is occupied, the duel begins, and no more people can join.

Betting Duel: Just as explained above in this type of duel you set up how many DP's you want to bet, and win the double, or lose it all.

You can bet your DP on someone even if you arn't the person dueling


For the sake of making duel threads organized, please add what type of duel you are doing somewhere in the topic's title.


Open Duel, Betting. A Duel where one person can be accepted in the match, and uses the betting Mode to get DP's.

In an Open duel, please specify within the thread if you need any requirements to begin the duel. We won't be held responsible for any misunderstanding, just because people can't read your mind.
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Postby Sarasoji on Tue May 31, 2005 12:24 pm

Added Class Change Positioning. To those who do not like to search...

CharacterCard--Equipment (if any)--ClassChangeCard
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