1/15: The question of Brylcreem's popularity

Remember when your imagination was real? When the day seemed longer than it was, and tomorrow was always another game away? Remember when you were a kid and the world held magic the grown ups never knew.

1/15: The question of Brylcreem's popularity

Postby Azumanga1 on Sun Jan 15, 2006 8:41 pm

In your commentary for the 1/15 strip, you pondered:

For some reason that I can't work out for myself, Brylcreem seems to be one of the more popular of the characters living in School Spirit. I don't particularly understand why, but for some reason a number of readers have asked for him to become more prominent, or at the very least, proclaimed him as their favourite.

It's honestly got me stumped why though.

My theory is that Brylcreem is the one that stands out the most in the strip -- he's smart, he's bespectacled, he has pale skin, he rarely kids around (and never bullies others) and, of course, he has slicked-up hair.

Personally, he's also one of my favorites in this trip, just beacuse of his name -- rarely anyone's nick-named "Brylcreem".

(No doubt the folks that make Brylcreem appreciate the plugs.)

P.S. -- I've also come across this Wikipedia article about Brylcreem (the gel). Since I'm a registered member of the Wikipedia family, I made a little addition to that article that you may be delighted in.
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Postby Dutch! on Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:12 pm

HAHAHA!! You little Anzac! :D

A real you-beaut entry into Wikipedia! Hahaha!! That's great!

Oh boy...I can just see Brylcreem breaking out of his shell a little just to rub it in Cody's face... :D

But...onto the topic at hand...

Not many people have claimed to understand the Brylcreem reference...I've been asked before why he got such a weird name...I think the blurb for Jan 15th, 2005 is the only time I've actually mentioned it is because of the gel in his hair.

As a character though, he's in the strip (originally, but he's developing along with the rest of them) purely as a grounding in reality for the rest of the kids. If they're not sure, it's Brylcreem they go to for clarification (or help with their maths). Look at him now...making his way into the Wiki and quietly letting us all know he's actually of Chinese heritage...both of those took me by surprise!

He's still a nuisance to draw though :)

What do you lot reckon?
Remember when your imagination was real? When the day seemed
longer than it was, and tomorrow was always another game away?
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