The Geek Fight!

The lives of two self-proclaimed geek/gamer chicks as told by themselves. Sadly, we don't have to exaggerate much from reality.

Postby ColonelMCmuf on Wed Oct 17, 2007 8:59 pm

thats cool. I need to get working on my ideas. need to write a script
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Postby Dennis Kininger on Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:58 am

Special K wrote:I don't know what the new webcomic will be yet.. I have a couple ideas, but I'm undecided. And of course, said ideas need quite a bit of fleshing out before I'd start drawing...

Well...whenever it's ready, I'm sure we'll be eager to see it. I've always enjoyed your drawing style and, one of these days, I plan to hit you up for a commission...I just need to settle on what I actually want.

Personally, if I had better art skills and the know-how to do a webcomic, I'd love to do one set in a retail store. Thankfully, I escaped my Kmart retail servitude years ago and that shit still haunts me/amuses me today...yes, I have plenty of idea fodder.

I have been doing a library-themed comic but it's been dormant for a few months until I find the right focus for it...I've got a couple ideas kicking around, just need the time to work on it.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. I look forward to your new effort anytime you're ready to share something.

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Re: The Geek Fight!

Postby B4k4-chan on Mon Mar 24, 2008 11:38 am

*breaths new life into the fight*

- I just got a job at my local library <3
- I found that the day I for some reason always wanted to marry on is Geek Pride Day (May 25th, also the day of the first Star Wars movie). My boyfriend agrees we really should get married then.
- I'm saving up for an Alienware
- I got a Pippi longstocking cake for my 21st birthday
- I'm working on a vampire novel and a poetry book, not to mention two of the three short stories I have finished so far are about geeks (I'm patiently wating for you to send your comments on the rest of my poems, Dennis!)
- I've got a 'comic' that's basically random art depicting people from my stories and roleplays, but working on a proper one
- I'm writing a loooong fanfiction set in the Guild Wars universe, following the main events in the games, but with original characters
- I'm gonna open an online store with geek and Goth t-shirts
- I'm gonna study Medieval History as soon as I can
- I bought Jolt Cola just because they say so in Hackers (which I've seen tons of times)
- I'm trying to talk my local Subway into selling Mountain Dew (other Subways do...)
- I realised I'm reading about 60+ webcomics on a regular basis
- I spend two days at my friend's place talking about art, liturature vampires and ideas for our novels, while making jewelry
- I also bought about 10 books in the second hand store while I was there, amongst them Shakespeare
- And videos like The Mummy (the funny one), Astrix and Disney
- The only thing my character in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines wouldn't do for his favourite deranged vampire was destroying art, even though it made her sad and angry (and got him killed >.>)
- I got a Star Wars novel
- I'm going to the Elf Fantasy Fair 2008 as a Asian-style High Priestess of necromancy, and I'm planning on buying some slaves there
- I recently met a fellow Gothgirl in the train; we talked about art, manga and LARP. I convinced her to let me join her D&D sessions
- I'm learning the Geek Code

If people still want to do an online D&D game...I'm in! And anyone who likes to roleplay can always ask for my MSN or Xfire^^
People like you guys make me wish they'd hurry up wth the new D&D version...

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Re: The Geek Fight!

Postby Dennis Kininger on Fri Mar 28, 2008 9:53 am

Dang! It's a shame we live in different countries...I bet we'd get along great in person.

Actually, I've met a few of the folks here and would love to meet anyone else wishing to meet me.

*Congrats on the library job!

**I never knew there was a Geek Pride Day on May 25.

***The Subways here used to have Mountain Dew but switched to (~Gasp!~) Coke products a few years ago...I have yet to recover. :shucks:

****The rest of the poetry comments will be coming...soon! No, really! Sorry for taking so long.

"It's impossible to be neat and tidy amidst the natural majesty of mountains of books."

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