About dropping to one-update weeks...

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About dropping to one-update weeks...

Post by Corgan_dane »

Basically, with all the travel and work with the new job, I just don't have time to make the strips up to my standards without staying up too late and being crappy all day long at work.

Plus, the new house needs work, and I'm the guy that's gotta do that work. It's weird having a lawn to take care of after living in apartments for the past 8 years.

Also, I really feel like the artwork in the comic has hit the point where it looks fairly professional, and I feel like when I have more time, I can make a better looking strip without resorting to cutting/pasting tricks and such. I hate having to "cheat" just to get an update up.

Webcomicking is a hobby, but it's an odd one because after a while people start reading your hobby, and it becomes more like a job. It's really odd, honestly.

The whole reason behind my starting Haiku and Stick Butter was that they were simple comics to make, that I could do when I felt like comicking but couldn't get the inspiration, or didn't have the time to do a big pretty one like an MTG or Scarecrow. I just don't want anyone to accuse me of neglecting MTG or Scarecrow because of the two newer comics. It takes me an hour to make a Haiku or a Stick Butter. It takes me 3 hours minimum to make a Scarecrow or MTG.

I know my updates have been spotty for a long time now. I know the storyline has gotten convoluted and twisted. I know some people miss the gag-a-day strips.

I promise to not just stop doing MTG. It will survive, and I'll complete it if it kills me. It MIGHT end, or at least go on hiatus for at least a year after the completion of this story arc. It's been a long arc, and I've been doing MTG a while. After this, I'm gonna need a break.

I promise to keep working on Scarecrow, though I'm not going to give a timeframe. I will say that it will be 113 strips long, and I do know the ending.

I promise to keep improving the artwork as much as possible. I feel like I've come a long way from that first strip, and I hope you've enjoyed watching the strips improve.

I promise to fill in the gaps with this story arc. I'm not going to finish it, and leave a lot of big questions unanswered. I know you want to know how the humans died, and why certain things happened. I know how the story arc ends.

Anyway...those are the things I promise all of you who read my miscellaneous scribblings. I hope you'll keep reading despite my obvious updating downfalls and hectic life. I admit, I make webcomics because I have to be creating something, and it's a great way to do that. However, you are also a large part of the reason I do this. I like the idea that I'm making people laugh (or at least smirk), or making them feel some kind of emotion toward one of the characters I've hopefully brought to life.

Now I'm just sounding sappy. It's probably the lack of sleep talking.


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Post by VinnieD »

One update a week is fine when the updates are of such quality. Better to go with quality than quantity. When people look back on it, they won't remember having to wait around for the next strip but they will remember the difference in quality.

....but don't miss that one per week or I'll have to come handcuff you to your PC.

Hey, you make an addict it's your responcibillity to keep pushing the smack. :P

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Post by Shaeffer »

what Vinnie said :D

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Post by ]-wandering-raven-[ »

Life's a rotten conniving bitch.

I mean.
Even moi hasn't been to this place in ages.


what's up corgan XD