Scifi Parody involving legos. PG-13 for comedic violence, blurred lego nudity, and bad language.


Postby Dr Legostar on Mon Mar 21, 2005 2:58 pm

This forum is designed primarily as a source of feedback and in case there are problems with keenspace to give announcements and such. Free discussion, as on the tagboard is as always encouraged, but I would like to establish a few basic rules.

1. I would prefer constructive criticism if you have it. "This comic sucks!" does not qualify as constructive.

2. Any images that you wish to post that are not safe for work, please do so in link form and specify in your post that they are not safe for work/school/public places etc.

3. Basically any rules which apply to the Keenspace Forums in general apply here. no spaming, no flaming, etc etc.. I reserve the right to lock any threads that get out of hand, but really I don't anticipate it coming to that.

Enjoy! :D
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