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No damn comic!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 6:49 am
by Zanzarra
This time, it's really not my fault.

It all began with the glorious decision to finally get a DSL connection.
It all went smooth, registration, getting a contract set, whatever.
It's even the same company as the old internet connection.

But in order to switch to DSL, the old phone contract was canceled, to be replaced with exactly the same ( :roll: ).
Also, the internet was cancelled, with DSL to be installed at April 14th or something.
Now isn't that dumb?!?

However, i'm unable to upload stuff or go to the forums or do anything until 20050414, as it seems.

Maybe I'll manage to upload the stuff over someone else's PC ( looking at you, pensatore ), but don't expect too much.

A pity, Hero's Path chapter one finished, Solstice Color chapter one half done, bonus stuff only needs to get scanned,...


PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 11:39 am
by Pensatore
Searchin for Pensatore ....

Ah here .... ;)

No Problem, always welcome, Z!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 8:24 am
by Zanzarra
Well, I come by sometimes this weekend - I'll let you know!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 11:40 am
by Pensatore
Okay but time is limited...
Saturday & Sunday Dayshift 7:00am-7:00pm


PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 9:46 am
by Zanzarra
I'll update on april 14th/15th.

Maybe a real chunk of stuff by then...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 7:01 am
by Hazardswake
Hey Zanzarra.
It's about time I posted here, eh?
...I can't think of anything else to say.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 7:53 am
by Zanzarra
Hey! How nice of you to come by! And such a good time, too!


PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2005 11:42 am
by Zanzarra

I update again!

Still no colored Solstice, I fear, but this week, I update again!


PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:06 am
by Hazardswake
What about "The Hero's Path?"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2005 8:07 am
by Zanzarra
Oh, I forgot to mention it:

Rather than thrusting up all the comics, I update normally and leave the one month gap.

So, Wednesday's the next update.

Really, I uploaded it yesterday. See in the archives. It's in the archives. It must be real then. ;-)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2005 11:09 am
by Pensatore
The Tuesday-Comic will be updated in the afternoon, cause of >>The Masters<< work ;)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2005 8:47 am
by Zanzarra
Not to forget that this "work" is military duty.

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2005 10:24 am
by Zanzarra


You may or may not have guessed it already...

No comic for yesterday, it might take some time.

Due to massive attempts at alcohol poisoning I am suffering a massive hangover now, this causes massive artist's block, and the current comics are far too important to look crappy.

The good news is that I have some free days next week, so I'll be able to bring a few updates. Maybe I'll even get started with solstice again ( Recently, I finished a new one, but didn't scan it in, because I'll upload the colored old ones first. )

May hope be with us.

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 4:32 am
by Grezzy
Ok, I'm sorry, I fear that I'm one of the reasons, why you were unable to paint a new comic. But if it helps you, I also felt some remnants of booze from saturday!
Hope to see you soon again. Mfg Grezzy

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2005 8:14 am
by Zanzarra
Remnants?!? Heck, I still felt those remnants on sunday evening!!!
Well, there's much training to do until we can savely let me out into civilian life again.

Btw, woohoo, four months of eight! It's getting shorter now!

PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 1:33 am
by Pensatore
7 Months of 12 :) Free Days?? WOW!! I'v read about them in books, but in reality???

PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2005 1:58 am
by Zanzarra
May is a good month!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday free, and another load around my birthday.
And next weekend is longer too, with that free Monday...

I think I'll be able to draw a little buffer that'll last at least for June...

PostPosted: Sun May 08, 2005 1:16 am
by Zanzarra

As you may or may not have noticed, there is no update. I'm suffering a severe case of artist's block right now.
I'll update as soon as I feel I can draw something coherent again.

Why don't you all just dump this comic, come back in September, while I keep updating, so you'll have a little bit to read by then...

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 6:46 am
by Zanzarra
Heh, I'm glad I officially told y'all to come back in September, so I only piss off eventually existing new readers.

However, three comcis a week are too much to handle, so all updates'll come tomorrow, that's gonna be one main strip and at least one Hero's Path or Solstice strip.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 4:46 am
by Zanzarra
Strip for friday sometime tomorrow, strips for next week during next week...

Blame lack of creativity, the Zan Fails Doom 3 Reinactment and, umm, general lazyness, as well as "only 4 weeks left" enthusiasm.

Well, officialy I'm just building up archives and all this starts in September, so I don't even feel guilty...