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<small>Well, since the original goals seem to be unobtainable now, let's implement Plan B and hope it's potentially explosive nature doesn't rend me from KeenSpace altogether!</small>
Like the others, I will now dispense the rules of this forum.

<b>1: Anything goes, save for those things that will assurably get me banned.</b>
I want this forum to be a bastion for all manner of material that would otherwise be scoffed at or shoed away. I believe in the freedom of expression, whether it be artistic or otherwise, but this forum <i>is</i> hosted under someone else, and they have to abide by certain rules. So long as the admins won't be put into a tight spot with legal issues <small>(ie: copyright infringement, child pornography, 'warez', illegal propaganda)</small> it shouldn't get you or I into too much shit.

<b>2: Obvious post-whorers might be shot on sight.</b>
If I perceive your posts as a transparent attempt to raise your post count, without offering even the slightest amount of what I consider substance <small>(and I'm pretty loose with the term)</small>, then you can expect your post to not-so-mysteriously vanish. If you want to raise your post count here, fine. Put a little effort into it and try to make it creative, or at the very least, gulling.

<b>3: Smilies WILL be shot on sight!</b>
Pet peeve of mine, sorry. Posts which are nothing <i>but</i> smilies will either be deleted entirely, or edited if I'm feeling "generous".

If you have anything you wish to say about the rules of this forum, -<a href=''>=this=</a>- is the place to talk about it. ( )
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