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Postby Carp on Fri Jan 18, 2002 9:48 am

I still miss ghostz. The pain of my loss hasn't lessened, even after all this time. None of the many other comics I have started reading have filled this hole in my heart. And no amount of aspirin can cure the hangover I have right now, but that's not important.<P>For those who happen to see this message, I wanted to point you in the direction of a couple of comics that I think you'll appreciate. One is Sexy Losers at <A HREF="http://www.sexylosers.com" TARGET=_blank>www.sexylosers.com</A> and the other is Escape, the address to which I can never remember but there is a link at Sexy Losers.
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Postby Davie_guy on Fri Jan 18, 2002 11:47 am

Sexy Losers, previously The Thin H Line, yes? Not for the faint of heart, but I suppose most Ghostz fans could handle it. The humor generally more explicit than Ghostz. I mean, you can't <I>show</I> too much with anatomically incorrect shapes for characters, as much as you try to imply. (Though in the Red Dick storyline... but never mind.)<P>Hi. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/smile.gif">
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Postby Mark Gerrits on Sat Jan 19, 2002 12:04 pm

fap fap fap fap fap
Mark Gerrits
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Postby Thouv on Fri Apr 05, 2002 2:23 pm

Did someone say fap?
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