I promised myself I'd whore out my strip.

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I promised myself I'd whore out my strip.

Postby Adorabledesolation on Sat May 07, 2011 1:58 pm

Way back when I started this project, I promised myself I'd hit thirty strips and become a total pimp to drum up readers.
I'm overdue, my strip count is up to 78.
So here goes: Adorable Desolation, is a story about a befuddled amnesiac, who wakes up one day in the back of a gift shop. Then a woman who may or may not know his true identity walks into the shop and announces she's moving in with him. You can check it out here at: Adorable Desolation.
The first few pages are sort of rough, but my drawing is slowly improving, really, I'm working on it.

Can you do me a little favor? If you do go and check it out, give me a some feedback. Especially about the fonts. And the font size. I've changed the font a few times and I'm pretty happy-ish with the current font I'm using, but I'm not too sure about the size, so let me know what you think. M'Kay? :)
Oh hey lookit. My banner's been approved! Adorable Desolation
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