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I got fired from my dream job because of my comic.

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:39 pm
by iamboey
you read right. my blog got me fired.
so it has to be somewhat good. i mean, i got fired from my job i've had for over a decade. isnt that juicy enough?

4 yrs ago, i started a blog because i wanted to document my day to day life, after my breakup with an ex of 8 yrs.
my intent back then, was to "document" changes i made to better myself, and to show her that the things she said about me were wrong.
I write about everything, lost love, work issues, rwanda, earthworms. everything that you do not need to know about. and if you did, it will probably not impact yr life at all.

but a few hundred ppl read it per day, and they tell me they live vicariously through me, so here i am, hoping that you would give it a chance.